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  1. 创建data和logs目录
mkdir -p es01/data
mkdir -p es01/logs
mkdir -p es02/data
mkdir -p es02/logs
mkdir -p es03/data
mkdir -p es03/logs

## es的用户id为1000这里暂且授权给所有人好了
sudo chmod 777 es* -R

  1. 启动
sudo docker-compose up

  1. 生成密码
# 进入es pod内部
sudo docker exec -it es01 /bin/bash

# 创建密码
[root@cfeeab4bb0eb elasticsearch]# ./bin/elasticsearch-setup-passwords auto
Initiating the setup of passwords for reserved users elastic,apm_system,kibana,logstash_system,beats_system,remote_monitoring_user.
The passwords will be randomly generated and printed to the console.
Please confirm that you would like to continue [y/N]y

Changed password for user apm_system
PASSWORD apm_system = YxVzeT9B2jEDUjYp66Ws

Changed password for user kibana
PASSWORD kibana = 8NnThbj0N02iDaTGhidU

Changed password for user logstash_system
PASSWORD logstash_system = 9nIDGe7KSV8SQidSk8Dj

Changed password for user beats_system
PASSWORD beats_system = qeuVaf1VEALpJHfEUOjJ

Changed password for user remote_monitoring_user
PASSWORD remote_monitoring_user = DtZCrCkVTZsinRn3tW3D

Changed password for user elastic
PASSWORD elastic = q5f2qNfUJQyvZPIz57MZ
  1. 重新启动


elasticsearch.password: 你的密码


sudo docker-compose stop
sudo docker-compose up
  1. 浏览器访问localhost:9200


  1. 浏览器访问localhost:5601


  1. 可选择安装metricbeat
# 加载metricbeat自带的dashboard模板
sudo docker run \
  --network=docker-elasticsearch_elastic \
elasticsearch:7.10.1 \
setup -E \
-E output.elasticsearch.hosts=["es01:9200"] \
-E output.elasticsearch.username=elastic \
-E output.elasticsearch.password=q5f2qNfUJQyvZPIz57MZ

# 收集宿主机运行的docker实例信息
sudo docker rm metricbeat
sudo docker run -it \
  --network=docker-elasticsearch_elastic \
  --name=metricbeat \
  --user=root \
  --volume="$(pwd)/metricbeat.docker.yml:/usr/share/metricbeat/metricbeat.yml" \
  --volume="/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:ro" \
  --volume="/sys/fs/cgroup:/hostfs/sys/fs/cgroup:ro" \
  --volume="/proc:/hostfs/proc:ro" \
  --volume="/:/hostfs:ro" \
  elasticsearch:7.10.1 metricbeat \
   -E   ELASTICSEARCH_HOSTS=es01:9200 \
  • network是要和es网络联通
  • out到es需要填写es的密码